How to Convert Santander Bank Statements from PDF to Excel & CSV (Step-by-Step Guide)

As a customer of Santander Bank, you likely get a multi-page PDF statement every month showing activity across your checking, savings, and credit card accounts. Learn how to convert it from PDF to Excel format.

How to Convert Santander Bank Statements from PDF to Excel & CSV (Step-by-Step Guide)

As a customer of Santander Bank, you likely get a multi-page PDF statement every month showing activity across your checking, savings, and credit card accounts. While these PDFs contain all of your raw transactions, their format makes essential tasks like data analysis, reporting, and accounting software integration very difficult.

PDF bank statements lack the flexible editing and organization features of digital spreadsheets. Finding specific transactions or spending trends in stacks of PDF pages is tedious or even impossible. There must be an easier way to unlock more value from your Santander Bank data.

Fortunately, our platform offers a simple automated solution to transform PDF statements into fully editable Excel and shareable CSV versions. We use advanced machine learning algorithms trained on thousands of real bank statement designs to accurately parse even complex Santander PDFs into spreadsheets within minutes.

We've always found it extremely quick and easy to convert our personal and business Santander PDF statements into editable XLS and CSV files. In this post, I’ll explain step-by-step how our tool can save Santander customers hours each month while unlocking more utility from their statements.

Getting Started

Our bank statement converter can be accessed from any desktop or mobile browser — no downloads or installation required. To sign-up, just visit our website and click "Start Conversion". You'll then enter your email and create a password to register within 60 seconds.

After logging in, you'll land directly on the statement upload page, ready to start converting Santander PDFs into Excel and CSVs. We also use 256-bit SSL encryption and strict data access controls for complete security around customers’ sensitive financial documents.

Uploading Santander Bank Statements

Our platform supports Santander Bank accounts and statements from the United States. This includes common account types like:

  • Checking
  • Savings
  • Credit Cards
  • Home Equity Lines
  • Auto Loans
  • And More

Once logged into your account, just follow these simple steps to upload Santander PDF statements:

  1. Select "Convert Statements" to open the import tool
  2. Click "Upload Files" and choose your Santander PDFs from your computer
  3. You can also rapidly batch upload statements by dragging & dropping PDFs directly onto the upload window

Our AI assistant instantly recognizes uploaded files as authentic Santander Bank documents and identifies details like account type and statement period for your review before launching the conversion process.

Advanced Data Extraction & Machine Learning

Now here’s where the magic happens. With your statements uploaded, click "Convert" to initiate our proprietary data extraction workflow. Using state-of-the-art machine learning trained on millions of real bank statements, our platform scans your Santander files and pinpoints critical details including:

  • Account Name
  • Account Number
  • Statement Period
  • Individual Transaction Dates
  • Descriptions
  • Debit/Credit Amounts
  • Running Balances

Our advanced algorithms automatically structure these components into a fully formatted Excel spreadsheet (or optionally a CSV file) with immense accuracy thanks to contextual analysis capabilities that understand how data is presented on bank statements.

We can parse even the most complex Santander statements packed with various charges, payments, transfers, interest calculations, fees, and adjustments. Our machine learning delivers over 99% precision that far surpasses any manual data entry.

Our interactive AI assistant also progressively learns your personalized data preferences, tailoring its categorization of transactions to match formats and labels you manually set up. This automation ensures maximum reconciliation efficiency with popular accounting software.

Converting Historical Statements

If your Santander account history covers multiple years worth of PDF statements, our bulk tools make it easy to ingest entire archives in one consolidated spreadsheet with one click.

Whether you need to access old statement data for taxes, analyze lifetime spending, or import full transaction histories into Xero - we transform even decades of Santander PDFs into a single Excel file instantly.

Accessing Converted Statements

Post-conversion, your new Excel and CSV files are neatly organized on your account dashboard for download anytime.

Go ahead and give our converter a try! In just minutes, we can save Santander customers hours while unlocking superior utility from essential bank statement data.